gb tool

GB supplies the right tool for your every job!

GB insertion tools match
the hammer exactly with regards to

  • dimensions
  • grade of special steel manufactured with high-quality alloy steel
  • multistage heat treatment and tempering

tool type

  • moil point pyramid point
  • fine/medium concrete demolition, non-stratified rock
  • secondary mining of soft/medium blocks
  • wedge
  • all type of digging or narrow trenching of soft/medium statified rock
  • blunt
  • breaking blocks(up to medium hardness) or cutting blocks to size
  • cone
  • universal tool

types of rocks for chisel

types rocks recommended
braker model
chisel type
igneous rock
  • granite

  • diabase

  • gneiss

  • wedge type

  • blunt type

sedimentary rock
  • sandstone

  • limestone

  • coal

  • wedge type

  • moil type